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No more medical billing claim denials . . . . Get paid today.

The tremendous growth of managed care has brought with it a staggering increase in the number of payer denials. It is estimated that, for U.S. healthcare providers, gross charges denied by payers have grown over the last decade to 18% of all charges. Discounting the impact of denials is no longer an option for cost-constrained healthcare management. Providers are putting processes in place to turn today’s denials into cash while implementing strategies to reduce denials tomorrow.

Appealing denials is part of this, but our medical billing services go way beyond that to help physicians, hospitals and clinics solve denial problems rather than just address them. does the job right from start to finish. Our system speeds up the entire process, from data entry to claims submission.

Further Steps inside

For a seamless transition an Account Executive assigned to your account will guide you through the implementation phase and serve as the liaison between you and our billing team.

We maximize your revenue stream with aggressive, effective appeals of denied claims.

This not only increases cash flow but lets the insurance industry know your facility is unwilling to accept denials as a routine cost of doing business.

Our optimized knowledge reduces denials and speeds up cash flow.

Medical-Billing's customized reporting portfolio focuses in on your denials and their causes so you’re totally prepared to implement process improvements, leverage information value in managed care contract negotiations, and benchmark your medical billing claims denial progress over extended periods

Reduce denials and shorten the entire process

With the right inputs to get all your relevant departments working together, using common data and employing industry standards to create reliable benchmarks and attainable goals.

Our highly experienced medical billing and collection team has devoted years to developing optimum denial management processes within the medical profession.

Our knowledge and expertise working with commercial and government payers keeps us on top of the latest changes in procedures, coding, etc. Our specialists routinely handle common issues like Medicare ADRs or very state-specific logistics like certain Medicaid inpatient admission pre-certification requirements.

Timely information reporting with flexibility and speed is always available 24/7.

Our approach to information reporting involves precisely targeted data gathering, which can be “drilled down” to exactly what managers need to know about their denials, how they want it, whenever and wherever they need it. We understand that managers need the right stuff right away, and we provide it 24 hours a day – every day — via our password-protected secure web site.

Clients need not invest in expensive hardware or software.

We emphasize leveraging our expanding expertise and technologies rather than risking your capital.

Our system is secure and HIPAA-compliant.
  • Let our Medical Billing Specialists handle your entire medical billing management from start to finish.
  • Avoid the costs and headaches of doing your own medical billing.
  • Increase cash flow and reduce denials.
  • Take advantage of our state-of-the-art medical billing submission and appeals system.
  • Even obtain a below-prime line of credit on your unpaid receivables.


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