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Medical billing and coding

About medical billing

Medical billing and coding is a field that is getting a lot of importance, because of the increase in people seeking medical attention. Nowadays, because of the increase in lifestyle diseases, the percentage of people needing medical attention is on the rise and this led to the increasing opportunity in the medical coding and billing. In fact, it is one among the fields in health industry providing better job opportunities. In US, more than 5 billion claims are processed every year by the health insurers and because of this many health insurance programs and Medicare need to ensure that the processing of all the claims are done on time, without any errors and must be according to the standard coding system.

Therefore, it is duty of the professionals in the field of medical coding and billing to make sure that documents are submitted on time to various federal agencies and insurance companies without any errors and the repayment of the medical expenses are done on time. To specifically identify an outpatient and the inpatient services/ procedures, the medical coders generally use some special codes and these special codes makes the billing and coding process a lot easier for both public and private insurance companies.

HCPCS refers to Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. According to the American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), there is a set of some health care procedure codes introduced in the year 1978 and this set of codes is collectively known as HCPCS. For describing the specific items and the services provided in health care, HCPCS provides a standardized coding system, which will prove very helpful during the processing of the insurance claims and medical expenses. Moreover, this coding system makes sure that all the processing of medical expense claims are conducted in a proper manner and according to the codes.

There are two levels existed in HCPCS codes.

  • Level 1 consists of American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and is numerical.
  • Level 2 is generally meant for non-physician health services and contains only alphanumeric.

    HCPCS Level II codes

    Know about Medical billing and coding

If you are looking forward to building your career in medical billing and coding, then you should be aware of the changes in codes and about the latest codes. Using HCPCS books is the only recommended option to keep in touch with the codes and it contains list of HCPCS Level II codes with accurate and correct explanation.

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