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Surgical Billing

Medical Billing Outsourcing at a Competitive Rate

Surgical Billing has worked with many surgeons over the years to achieve excellent surgical billing references and an assortment of happy surgeons that have experienced thousands of dollars in new ROI. By using our award winning software, doctors have been able to get huge ROI on the costs of surgical medical billing.

Surgical Billing Follow-Up

surgical-billingWe follow up with aged claims that have sat for over 30 days, process new claims quickly, and guarantee that legitimate claims will get paid-- or your money back. By ensuring that our surgeons receive high ROI, and that the claims are processed quickly, updated in our software for maintenance and for the doctors to monitor our perfomance, we have risen quickly to become one of the fastest growing Surgical Billing companies available.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing with us will not only save you a lot of time and effort we will help you collect much more revenue than you have ever done in the past. Some of our clients have seen as much as 300% ROI due to excellent follow up, good reporting and the ability for the client to intervene whenever necessary. In fact, the average practice will have over 30% of aged claims that are not paid for miscellaneous reasons that can be sorted and payed!

Why Us?

With over 10 years of medical billing experience we have grown to become one of the largest medical billing companies available nationwide. But don't take our word for it; contact us today and as for one of our many references who are glad to share their success they have experienced with us.

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