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Physical Therapy Billing

Physical Therapy Billing has worked with many physical therapists over the years to attain excellent medical billing referrals and an assortment of happy physical therapists that have knowledgeable thousands of dollars in new Return on investment. By using our award winning software program, doctors happen to be able to get huge ROI about the costs associated with physical therapy medical billing.

Healthcare Billing Follow-Up

We all follow up with aged claims which have sat ignored for upwards of 30 days, which we can process quickly, and also guarantee that legitimate claims will get paid-- or your money back, no questions asked. Through ensuring that the physical therapists receive high Return on investment, and that the claims tend to be processed quickly, updated inside our software for maintenance but for the doctors to monitor our performance, we have risen swiftly to become among the fastest expanding Physical Therapy Billing companies accessible.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing with us won't save you lots of time and effort we'll help you collect much more income than you have ever done in days gone by. Some of our clients have seen just as much as 300% ROI due to excellent follow-up, good confirming and the capability for the customer to get involved whenever required. In fact, the typical practice could have over 30% regarding aged claims that are not covered miscellaneous causes that can be categorized and payed!

So, why choose us?

With over 10 years associated with medical billing experience we have grown to become one of the biggest medical billing companies accessible nationwide. Such as the take our own word for it; contact us today and as for just one of our numerous references who are glad to share with you their good results they would love to share about us.

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