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Laboratory Billing

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Laboratory Billing

You might be aware of the fact that every laboratory has a different and unique billing situation and an in-depth understanding of current billing systems. Each of these needs to be certified in order to perform and bill for the concerning laboratory and pathology tests. Depending on your provider’s office, you might have to do some laboratory billing at times.  In this article, we will go through the different types of laboratory services and some of the different types of labs involved in the laboratory billing system.

Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Services

You might already be aware of the two types of laboratory services, which are: Clinical and Diagnostic. Each of theselaboratory-billing servicesincludes labs that serve different situations and reasons by various healthcare providers.Firstly, we will go through clinical laboratory billing services, which involve examination of materials from the human body in order to prevent or diagnose a certain disease or condition of the patient. Most often these tests are related to biological, chemical, biophysical, or pathological aspects of the patient and laboratory billing is done for these. In short, it means that the lab examines the patient, in the most relevant way possible, in order to test for the particular condition, disease or diagnosis that the provider is looking for and the laboratory billing procedures are carried out accordingly. Diagnostic services, on the other hand, are quite different to simple clinical tests. The main difference between the two is that diagnostic services require a physician or some other certified professional in order to perform the test, where as for clinical services, only a pathologist is required, and yes, a lab technician to run and interpret the samples. Diagnostic laboratory services involve surgical pathology, hematology, blood banking services and the laboratory billing procedures are carried out for these.

Various types of laboratories concerned in laboratory billing

As I mentioned earlier, there are several types of labs, each of which needs to be certified in order to render services and avail efficient laboratory billing procedures and results.

For instance, an independent laboratory, as the name implies, is a type of lab that is independent of a provider’s office or other facilities, whereas a physician’s office lab performs tests for a physician’s office. In the same way, there are referring laboratories, reference laboratories and billing labs, each stressing on various aspects of working.

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