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The One Thing You Need to Do to Survive the Sequestration Cut, ICD-10, and Almost Everything Else

As if medical practices weren’t already facing enough challenges, with ICD-10, EHRs and other acronyms, now you have a new wolf nipping at your heels: the “sequester” cut of 2% off of your Medicare fees... Read More

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Do You Know How Far Along You Should Be with ICD-10?

A recent survey of 810 participants by leading claims clearinghouse Gateway EDI revealed that the majority of respondents had not yet begun to prepare for ICD-10... Read More

2013 E/M Coding: EHRs, TCM Codes, Vaccinations and More Affect Your Coding

E/M coding raises many questions for billers. Here is a selection of guidance from experts on the latest twists and turns in E/M coding... Read More

More Billing and Coding Changes, Tips and Resources for 2013

With extensive changes in E/M coding, the addition of TCM coding and multiple other changes in various specialties, many practices have asked for additional resources... Read More

Is Your Practice Ready for eRX?

The deadlines and requirements for eRX and PQRS can be confusing. Here are some news items and tips from experts on how to deal with them... Read More

Wondering About the New Transitional Care Management Services? Wonder No More!

Betsy Nicoletti, March 8, 2013, Nicoletti Notes
In 2013 CPT defined two new CPT codes that describe a service to patient recently discharged from a hospital.  These two new codes, 99495 and 99496… Read More

A Personal Account of a Medicaid Audit

I was standing outside of a clinic waiting for my next client when a car rapidly pulled up and out jumped 4 stony-faced people with briefcases. It was an unannounced Medicaid audit... Read More

Provider Productivity is Key to Financial Success

Keep close tabs on productivity measurements, identify revenue opportunities, and share them with your provider... Read More

ICD-10 Deadline May Improve Finances

The transition to ICD-10 by October 2014 has many pain points, and one of them is understanding the impact on the revenue cycle throughout the organization...   Read More