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When Your Patient Volume Increases Suddenly, Will Your Medical Office Be Ready?

Is your practice ready for the influx of patients expected with the launch of healthcare insurance exchanges mandated by ACA for Jan. 1, 2014? Here's how to make sure it is... Read More

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Looking for a New EMR or an EMR Replacement? Steps to Avoid Heartbreak

You’ve probably guessed that many of your colleagues are less than enthralled with their EMRs just based on conversations and postings on social media. Here's how to avoid their heartbreak... Read More

Practice Management Ideas & News: HIPAA, eRX, ICD-10 and More

Some excellent articles on protecting and improving your practice profitability have been published recently; here’s a selection of some we thought would be useful to you. Read More

Coding Tips & Tricks: G Codes, Place of Service Errors, Modifiers, and More

This month we have a number of useful articles on coding that will help you avoid errors and code more precisely. Review these useful articles to update your skills in coding modifiers 58, 78, and 79, HIPAA, avoiding EHR copy-and-paste errors, and more. Read More

More Coding Tips & Tricks: TCM Coding, Ordering/Referring Edits, Well Check Visits, and More

Here are some excellent tips from a leading resource for coding training and information... Read More

Temporary Billing Guidelines for RHCs

CMS has released temporary instructions for Rural Health Centers in reporting Annual Wellness Visits and the Welcome to Medicare Visit.These include two key points you'll want to note, outlined in this blog post by Betsy Nicoletti. Read More


Coding Tips for Specialists: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, OB/GYN, Ophthalmology and More

Specialists, take note of these valuable tips for improving your coding, for cardiologists, neurologists, OB/GYNs, ophthalmologists and others. Read More