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Medical Coding And Billing

?Š ?Š ?Š Medical Billers Form Important Part Of Health Care

Medical coding and billing is employed in the administrative part of the health care system. It is responsible for taking care of the medical care revenue cycle. It is widely popular due to the provision to use health cards to obtain and pay for medical services. They form a very important element of the health care system. If trained professionals are not available to take care of the medical revenue system then doctors, physicians and others involved in the health care industry will face a hard time in obtaining their reimbursements and payments from insurance companies. This will ultimately have an adverse effect on health care services.

Medical coding and billing jobs are one of the most sought after jobs in the health care industry. Here is a brief insight into their functions and tasks.

  • Verification of Insurance: This is a very important job and is taken care by medical billers and coders. Essentially this process involves verifying the authenticity of patient’s insurance credentials. This is important as a patient without proper insurance will not be able to pay his doctors.
  • Charge Entry: this process involves booking an amount that is equal to the services offered to the patients.
  • Claims Submission: this is the most important process in which claims are prepared. Once the claim form is filled the claim must be submitted to the insurance company for processing. This can be done either using the traditional mail process or electronically using the facilities that are provided on the website of the insurance company.
  • Payment posting: this process involves monitoring and booking the settlements and payments from the insurance companies.

    Medical Billers

    ?Š ?Š ?ŠImportance Of Medical Billing And Coding

  • Follow-up: it is equally important to check up on the status of the claim.
  • Denial management: not all claims would be accepted and the process of handling rejection of these claims is also taken care of by medical billers.
  • Reporting: the status of the revenue cycle needs to be reported to the management with proper feedback.

With proper training you can start a career in medical coding and billing. There are many things that one gets to learn including physiology, anatomy, medical terminology, insurance and reimbursements and other standard medical procedures. It can be taken care of either by big firms or small home based businesses. Experience matters most in this field so starting salary may not be too high. However if you stick with it, your payments increase substantially in a few months.

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