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One of the most important factors when selecting a career is the pay. Anybody, who disagrees with this, might already be financially secure. Every person has to make a living and pay the bills and hence, salary plays an important role in determining a specific career. However, one must strive not to select the career on the basis of money alone or else, they would be forced to live a life of misery. If you are looking for job satisfaction along with a good pay, you should seriously consider a profession in medical billing.

Rather than choosing to inquire only about the medical billing salary, it is crucial to look into the other aspects as well. A job in this field would mean your tasks would include registering the patient information, performing insurance verification, pre-authorization, referral tasks, preparing and posting transactions on day sheets, charge tickets, and patient accounts. Apart from this, they would also be involved in coding and billing insurance claims as well as collecting patient payments. If you have a sharp eye for detail, and an analytical mind that can focus on the given task for extended durations, then you will be able to ace at this job.

For a forty-hour week job, medical billing salary is justified and considerably higher than that in many other professions. Why? Because there is an acute shortage of qualified workers, who are cut out for this task. Because of the current laws that require patient information to be entered into the computer database to comply with new Federal legislation; every private medical office or healthcare facility, hospitals or clinics, or even a claims examiner for insurance companies needs to employ a dedicated staff that can do this work in a speedy and efficient manner.

To gain a foothold in the medical industry, you will need training. Universities, colleges, and other third parties provide various certification programs that will increase the chance of you landing a job in the field. Once you gain experience, your employability increases and you can make the jump to bigger institutions over time. Employment opportunities are at an all-time high and they will grow at a much faster rate than in other fields because these jobs cannot be automated or outsourced any time in the near future. Medical billing salary, as well as the job satisfaction, is high. So, look into certification courses soon.

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Reports show that there is an increasing need in the field of medical billing. Medical coding and billing are areas that offer continued growth. Within these two jobs, there are some overlapping responsibilities, depending on the location where you are working.

In some locations, such as a doctor’s office, the insurance biller will also have to do medical coding. But in the case of large facilities, like hospitals, coders are a different entity and sometimes they are located in different departments than the medical billing professionals. It will be good for the potential employees to understand both the disciplines. If you are planning to have a career in the field of medical billing and coding, you can follow the below given tips.

Tips for Medical Billing and Coding

  • Get a position in a medical establishment. Without having any prior experience in the field of medical billing, it may be necessary to get a job such as a receptionist in a doctor’s office and inquire them to know if they are willing to cross train in medical billing.
  • Become an insurance biller. This can be accomplished either by on job training or via a short-term program through a local college or trade school. In this period, you will have to make yourself familiar with the professional versions of the CPT or AMA Standard, also the HCPCS books and ICD-9-CM. Some of these reference books will be used depending on the type of insurance billing that is done. No matter which is used for medical billing, all three will be necessary to have a career in medical coding.
  • While working as an insurance biller, attend that medical billing and coding certification exam. The “American Academy of Professional Coders website” has a look-up tool that can help you find both local and online methods to prepare for this exam. They are also offering independent study program at home using the three books that they provide. The three reference books that are listed above are approved for use while taking the test. The test consists of 150 questions and you can have a maximum of five and a half hours to complete the test.
  • After passing the exam, you can update your resume by listing the “American Academy of Professional Coders” credentials. Look for a position within your current place of employment or with an organization where coders have a different position, such as a hospital.

These are the few things that you will have to do to become a medical coder. If you wish to gain some information on the average medical billing salary, you can contact people who are already working in the field. They will be able to provide insights on the average medical billing salary.

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Medical Billing and Coding Profession

The high demand in the market allows the medical billing and coding professional to get the very good salary. Medical billers will be able to do either full time or part time jobs. This is the greatest advantage of being in the field of medical billing. It offers the flexibility of working anywhere and anytime. This is very much possible in medical billing as the types of equipment needed are just a computer and apt medical billing software.

As per recent studies that were conducted in the field of medical billing and coding, medical billing salary ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 per year. The salary will depend on a number of factors like experience in the field, the organization that they work for, education, and the part of US in which employed. Like any other jobs, experienced and skilled medical billers enjoy a very good salary. Their earning comes around $14-$16 per hour.

Even though diploma, certification or associate degree is not a prerequisite to getting a job in the field of medical billing and coding, the salary that you can get increases with the amount of training that you have in the field. Medical coding and billing are correlated. A professional who knows both medical billing and coding earns better when compared to others who know only billing. Those medical billing professionals who work in a hospital or other healthcare organization earn a fixed salary as an in-house staff. Those who work from home will be able to work for a number of clients. This means that the salary of the medical billers who work from home depends on the number of clients that they are handling.

Medical Billing and Coding Profession

Medical billers working in Chicago, California, Boston, New York, Houston, and other big cities are paid more. This is due to the high cost of living in these states or cities. You should also be aware of the scams when it comes to job opportunities. These scams may sound very legit and may promise people more than they can provide with and may charge big amounts for the same. At times, they can also try to sell their products like expensive medical billing software. Finally, when the person hands over the money, they do not get any job. You should be careful while choosing the job provider for your medical billing job.

If you wish to know more about medical billing salary and opportunities, you can seek the advice of a professional in the field.

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Medical Billing Specialist

Medical billing is not a fresh new field but has not been explored much so far. Now that many have already acquired an attractive career in the medical billing field, lot more students are now interested in pursuing a career in the field of medical billing. Just like many other professions, which require training and experience, medical billing too is a field, which requires expert skill and training.

Medical billing salary is an attractive factor, which beckon lot many students towards it. The major highlight is a profession, which can be rendered at big hospitals, health clinics, medical offices and so on. It is the duty of a medical billing specialist to keep track of all the records for all patients coming to the hospital. A medical billing specialist carries the responsibility to collect and make payment arrangements and also to check whether the dues are settled on time.

Medical billing salary is high because a medical billing specialist or a billing clerk has a bunch of responsibilities on their shoulders. They would have to work along with collection agencies and courts to help in collecting accounts. In the case of patients who passed away, you would have to meet lawyers and other concerned people in order to settle the unpaid accounts. Even in the clinic in which you are working, you would have to oversee the deductions from the salary of your fellow workers.

Medical Billing Specialist

Even though all these come under the duty and responsibility of a medical biller, you may not have to deal with all of them. But you need to have certain specific skills to handle the duties and responsibilities of a medical biller. The basic requirement is to have good command over computer, its software and other related equipment. Most probably, you would be offered training in using the software during your medical billing training itself. If no training on software is given, then you could obtain it in order to excel in the job.

Medical billing salary will vary depending on your experience and knowledge in this field. If you are certified nationally, then you are likely to get a salary between $31000 and $45000. If you have good experience in the medical billing field, then you can definitely expect a high salary for this profession. It would always be better to acquire good experience first in order to acquire an attractive medical billing career.

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Medical Billing Salary

Know About The Medical Billing Salary

Medical billers and coders are better known as medical records coding technician or health information professionals who specialize in assigning codes to specific medical procedures for insurance purposes. The medical billing and coding procedure determines the amount of money to be reimbursed if the patient possesses a valid insurance facility. Majority of the medical billers earn on an hourly rate instead of an annual rate. Medical billing salary depends on a number of factors.

Highest paying state

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a medical coder and biller made an annual average around $33,000 in year 2008. The medical billers earned a median salary of $31000. The highest paying state was New Jersey, as per the report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008. The other states that were paying salary just below New Jersey were Alaska, Hawaii and Maryland. However, South Dakota, the state that has the highest number of medical billing specialists paid only an average annual salary of $30000, which is much lesser than the national average.

As per the reports of the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008, two important metropolitan areas for medical billing were California and San Francisco. The medical billers’ salary in both these places averaged around $45000 in a year. Other areas that stood below San Francisco and California were Iowa City, Waterbury, Connecticut, New Jersey and Vineland -Millville-Bridgeton.

According to the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical billers who worked with the physician’s offices, hospitals and outpatient health care centers and other nursing healthcare facilities earned between an annual average salary between $27000 and $35000.

Medical Billers Insurance Facility

Hourly Medical Billing Salary

As per the 2010 data, the medical billing salary stood at a whopping $44000. In fact, the salary payment increased to a much higher rate within two years than what is reported by the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed, the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a 20 percent rise in employment for medical billing and coding specialists is expected during the next four years, with effect from 2008. It is guaranteed that a medical billing professional gets a salary of at least $36000 per year.

Get the needed training and qualification and update your resume to fulfill your career options in medical billing and coding jobs. You can search online or contact medical billing specialists to know the prospects of the billing career along with the details of salary information in different sectors and health care institutions.

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Medical Billing Salary

Medical Billing Practitioners

Medical billing has always been a great career option for many people. One of the main reasons is that you will be able to earn a substantial amount of medical billing salary. It is indeed quite interesting to know that medical billing is a great option when you think about working from home. The main advantage is that you can work as per your flexible timings. All you have to do is ensure the works are finished as per the instructed deadlines. Nowadays, more people are opting to do medical billing jobs. The following aspects will tell you more about the benefits of medical billing careers.

Benefits of medical billing jobs

The main benefit of pursuing the career is the high amount of medical billing salary. You can either select to work with a reputed medical billing firm or work from home. What matters most is the training.? Training is an important requisite to become a qualified medical billing executive. There are numerous options to get training in medical billing. You can do it online or join medical billing training institutes. Ultimately, the objective is to know the fundamentals of the job and do it right.

You can see that training for medical billing is very short when compared to other professional jobs. The best advantage is that you need a basic interest to do the job. If that is there, you can excel at your work and draw a handsome medical billing salary.

Flexible Timings

Benefits Of Medical Billing

Work at home options for medical billing is very much suitable for young mothers. They can take care of their children and do the job at the convenience of their homes. This is one main reason why many women are doing medical billing jobs from their homes. All that you ought to make sure is the availability of unlimited internet connection and the required system configuration.

You have to be very careful while selecting a medical billing firm to work with. Always go for reputed firms that have positive reviews and a large clientele. Only then, you will have prospective growth in your career. Speed and accuracy are two main factors that can determine your job proficiency. Therefore, it is very important that you give maximum attention to these areas.

Always be updated with the latest tips and information regarding the industry. This will certainly give you a competitive edge over other medical billing practitioners.

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Medical Billing Salary

Medical Billing Course

Medical billing and medical coding are two major fields that you could consider if you are hoping for a good career in the medical field. The first thing is to acquire knowledge in this field and various specialization options available that could take make your career bright and secure. Medical billing salary scale varies based on the hospital, business, or clinic for which you work.

In medical billing field, you can specialize in either medical coding or medical billing. Some people opt to specialize in both the fields and are called medical insurance specialists. The other name for medical biller is Certified Medical Billing Specialist. The average medical billing salary is around $12 to $13 for an hour. However, it necessitates you to have a minimum experience of one year to make this demand. As your experience increases, naturally, the salary goes up.

In addition to having experience in the medical billing field, college education could be an added advantage. However, college education specifically on medical billing and coding field is the best option for aspirants in medical billing field. It is also a good strategy to undergo special training courses related to medical billing.

Medical Billing Specialists

Medical Coding Course

Keep in mind that you can find numerous online courses related to medical billing. The course structure and fee may vary according to various online service providers. You can acquire the details of the course structure fee and enrollment details from their respective websites. However, before you join an online training program, it is advised that you compare the programs from various online training sessions, before making the choice. It is also necessary to find out whether the online training website has sufficient accreditation.

Now, before you opt for the course, keep in mind that not all the courses recommended by the institute or online trainers might be necessary for the job. Pursue courses and classes keeping this in mind. In addition, you get to study a lot during the job. Therefore, do a thorough research on what exactly you need to study for landing the job.

Keep in mind that all hospitals and clinics have positions open for medical billers and medical coders. Hence, it is a good strategy to meet some of the Medical Billing Specialists in the hospitals in your area. Also, try to get in touch with the local clinics, insurance companies and hospitals to gain a better idea regarding medical billing services.

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Medical billing salary

? ? ? ?Salary regarding Medical billing

Medical billing and coding requires the help of professionals to get the job done. If you are looking for a career in medical billing or coding, then you might not have a clear idea about how much salary you will get in this specific field. A billing or a coding specialist helps a company complete the task required for claiming the insurance.? One should pass the national level exam to become a certified medical billing specialist. But, the medic al coding is a different process and require a separate coding specialist to complete this coding task.

Generally, a medical coder helps in making various insurance claims and this should be done before the medical billing services. There are many websites and online classes providing courses on medical billing and coding process. Many of the coders offer these services from their home itself. In addition, you would also find many medical billing and coding services around your area where you could make maximum use of it.

About the medical billing salary range

The salaries offered in the field of medical billing and coding services are excellent, and you can expect a good salary during the training. Before seeking the employment, it is better to call these services and enquire whether it requires a certificate to get high salary or attending the online classes is enough. Also, check the availability of jobs.

Billing specialist

? ? ? ? Salary of a medical coder

Generally, the medical billing salary range of a specialist varies from $26,000 to $32,000 per annum. This would vary depending on the area you live in, your job experience and your knowledge and education. If you have plenty of experience, then you will get a very attractive salary. Usually, the hourly rate of these specialists varies from $11 to $21. In addition, you could also do the billing job sitting at your home. All you need is an expensive software. Experienced medical billing specialist may consider working from home and this will help to earn substantial income.

Similar is the salary range of a medical coder and it varies from $25,600 to $41,800. But, this too depends on the geographical area, your qualification and experience. If you are an experienced coder and have a masters degree in the subject, then you can expect to get a salary of $57,000 per year.

Becoming a medical billing and coding does not require a wide range of training and education. All you need is a few online classes for getting an excellent job and a good salary. Good luck!

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medical billing salary

? ? ? ?Medical billing

Most of us are aware of the fact that medical billing and coding is a part of the healthcare industry. You may also know that the healthcare industry is the sector with the highest growth percent and chances for getting jobs in US. Medical billing is the most sought after career by many people as the demand for the biller from billing services, billing companies and Doctors offices are always high. Even though many consider medical billing and coding as same, different codes are implemented before billing.

The job of a medical biller is to collect posts and manage the payments on accounts of medical and health related businesses. If you have long years of experience and if you pass the specified examination, you will be a certified medical billing specialist. The medical billing salary you may get depends on the experience you have and the certifications you possess. The hourly rates for medical billing specialists will be much higher than medical billing assistants or clerks. It is the job of the medical biller to claim for heath insurances and follow up with the insurance companies about the claims.

medical billing and coding

? ? ? ? ?Billing salary

The medical billing salary you may get depends on the amount of education you have had in the field of medical billing and the experience in the field. The salary will increase if you have higher education or if you have higher experience. However, having more experience in the field will give you more salary rates when compared with the amount of education. The minimum education you must have to get the job of a medical biller is a high school diploma or GED. Since there is no specific educational requirement for getting medical billing jobs, you can change to this field whenever you please.

One of the major features of the medical billing industry is it is highly demand-specific job. The salary you get highly depends on the demand available in the field and the area or region in which you reside. Even though most of the billing work is in the daytime, some companies do offer evening and graveyard shifts for catering to the needs of the customers.

If you choose to work in the graveyard shifts, you will get better medical billing salary wages. So it is better for you to move to this field when you have time rather than waiting for the salary to increase.

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Medical billing and coding can be a very lucrative career. When going into the medical billing and coding field there are some key things that will improve the expected salary.

One key thing that will improve a person’s salary is to get a degree from an American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) accredited program. While it is not required that in order to get a job in the medical billing and coding field a degree in an AHIMA will give you the ability to get either an Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT), or an Registered Health Information Administrator, (RHIA). Many of the medical facilities now are looking for medical billing and coding specialists with this credential. AHIMA also offers coding credentials. These not only increase the professionals’ salary, it also increases their marketability.

When looking at employers it is important to know something about them, for example if the employer is a small facility there is a good possibility that anyone who works for them will have to do more of a variety of tasks than an employee at a larger facility. Another thing to remember is that medical coding is a hard field to start out with right away. Many places will not hire a coder who does not have at least two years for outpatient coding and five years for inpatient coding. It is easier to get in an entry level position in a company then go to a billing or coding position.

An entry level medical billing position has a national average of about $30,000 a year for a first year certified technician. For a medical billing professional who is certified that also has been working a while the salary is close to $50,000 a year. There are many places this career path is able to work; a professional could work for the government in the Veterans Hospitals, a private practice, a hospital, home health, and even in a laboratory somewhere. Many coders have even found the ability to work from home. Those that do work from home are able to have some flexibility in their career but still have to have experience. Coders do not have to work in on the strictly billing side of the medical coding business. They are also responsible for reporting to the government registries. An example of such a registry would be the National Tumor Registry or the National Cancer Registry. There are plenty of billing and coding positions available for anyone who wants a lucrative career in the medical field. It is important to find the job for you.

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