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Work in any aspect of the medical field is recession-proof, and likely to grow in demand. In some ways running a medical billing business from your home is the same as any other home-based business; there are advantages and disadvantages. However, there are some things to take into consideration when starting a medical billing service from your home. Here is a look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of a Home-based Medical Billing Business

The advantages of a home-based business of any type are many. Hours can be shaved off of the average work week due to the lack of commute alone. There is also the savings when it comes to gas and wear and tear on your vehicle that is common when you have to drive in to work very day. If you have a family, it is very convenient to be available when children are home sick or for school holidays, and to be available for school events and parent teacher conferences.

The cost of running a billing business from your home is a very small investment. Most people already have a computer and work space set up in their homes these days, so converting to business use might require the purchase of billing software and perhaps a printer. You may also need to take a course to become certified in billing for medical practices.

Disadvantages of a Home-based Medical Billing Business

Some of the disadvantages might be with time management, and in getting people to respect that, although you are working from home, you are working. This is easily managed by practicing self discipline. Make sure that the area that you have designated as a workspace is somewhat segregated from the rest of the home. If you do not have a room to use as an office, a room divider could work as well. As for the second issue, make sure that you set aside regular work hours, and that not only you, but your friends and family are aware of them and respect them.

Once you get a certification, and are comfortable with medical terminology, where do you find work? You can place ads in the local paper, set up a website advertising your services, and create brochures and business cards to distribute to local businesses that may need your services. One con is to beware of online scams that offer you leads for a fee.

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