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Are you looking forward to pursuing a successful professional career? Then medical billing and coding jobs will prove to be the best option in front of you. This is because medical billing jobs have always been a thriving job industry. Experienced professionals are able to earn a handsome salary on a monthly basis. Nowadays, super speciality hospitals and health care centres outsource all their medical billing jobs to reputed medical billing companies. This is one reason why experienced medical professionals are always in huge demand. Read along to know more about the subject.

Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

In order to become a successful medical billing professional, you need to get training from a medical billing school. Medical billing and coding schools provide effective theoretical background and enable you to take up the CMRS exams and RHIA exams. At the same time, you must remember that medical billing companies always look for experienced professionals.

It is a fact that medical billing and coding jobs will help you to fetch hefty monthly paychecks and is a highly responsible job. The medical billing and coding professional should be committed and have a passion for the job. He or she should be able to remain calm and work under stressful situations. Adding to that, the medical billing professional should be able to show compassion and mingle freely with the patients. Their prime duty is to prepare the health insurance reports and detailed medical history of every patient. Even the slightest mistake can cause legal problems. This is the reason why many of the medical billing companies always look for experienced medical billing professionals.

CMRS Exams

You can search on the internet to get more information about accredited medical billing institutes. Make sure that you will receive a valid certification once you finish your course. Experience is also an important criterion when it comes to medical billing and coding jobs. This is the reason why medical billing firms always hire professionals who have a vast experience and expertise in this field.

Another major advantage of medical billing jobs is that you can even do it from your home as a freelancer. This way, you will be able to enjoy flexible job timings. All you need to do is to ensure that you finish the job within the proper deadline. This makes it very convenient for single mothers to do medical billing and coding jobs on a work at home basis.

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If you’re well trained in the healthcare industry and are looking for a job that offers an attractive salary, trying for one in the medical billing and coding field is the best bet. Nowadays, several medical billing companies offer vacancies for both beginners as well experienced professionals. But then, before searching for a job in this field, you must assess yourself and check if you have the right skills required to become a medical billing or medical coding officer. Read along to know more about the qualifications and skills required to work in the top medical billing companies.

First and foremost, you should like to work in the healthcare field. Leave alone the beginners, even some of the experienced ones find it difficult to adjust with the issues involved in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. So, you should opt for the medical billing or coding job only if you’re fine with working in the healthcare sector. Coming to the qualifications that you need to have, you should be well-versed with the medical terms, languages as well as the number codes used in hospitals. You would be interacting with a lot of patients and thus, should be able to note all the necessary details about them.

When it comes to your work, you should be meticulous and detail-oriented. This is not only applicable for the medical billing job but for any job you choose! Moreover, you should also have the ability to multi- task your work. Having good communication skills and ability to work as a part of the whole team would also make you grow faster in the medical billing and coding field. As a medical billing specialist, you must be able to deal with the bills of the patients and submit them to the insurance companies so that the patients get them reimbursed easily. Hence, you would require conversing with the insurance companies and solve all the issues associated with the reimbursement procedure.

As in the case of any other job nowadays, here too, you should have a basic knowledge of computers and be practical enough to address the recurring problems. The best part of choosing this field as your career option is that you can even work as a freelancer from home. Hence, if you’re experienced enough in the field, you can earn from your home itself.

So, as mentioned earlier, choosing the medical billing and coding field as your career option is a great choice, provided you have the required skills to excel in it.

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Medical Billers

Are you planning to choose medical billing for a career? Then, I must say you are about to choose one of the best professions for your future. Medical billing has turned out to be one of the most lucrative professions. The scope of medical billing is on the rise because there are lots of medical billing companies coming up across the country. Before you take your final decision to consider medical billing as a career, make sure that you know what it is. It is very important to know the functions of a medical biller, the scope of the job, the remuneration you can expect, the qualification and finally the availability of reputed institutions in your locality.

Useful Tips For Medical Biller Aspirants

– Functions of a Medical Biller

Your duty as a medical biller can vary depending on the institution you are employed in. Medical billers can be employed in various institutions such as hospitals, health facilities, clinics, doctors’ offices, pharmacies and medical stores. A medical biller is responsible for collecting medical account payments. At times, he may be required to collect and post the account payments.

Another major duty of the medical biller is getting the billing claims processed by the health insurance companies. He has to submit the billing claims to the insurance companies and do all the necessary follow-ups to make sure that the patients get their insurance claims sanctioned in time. At times, he may be requested to handle complaints registered by patients regarding their medical insurance dues.

– Qualification for the Post

To be a successful medical biller, you need to have a medical billing diploma or degree. For this, a high school diploma or GED is the must. There are multiple institutions offering medical billing degrees, diplomas as well as certification courses. Many of the medical billing companies prefer to recruit candidates who have passed out from reputed institutions. Therefore, before you join a particular institution for your medical billing course, make sure that you check the reputation of the institution.

Medical Billers

– Salary

If you are a fresher, you may not get as much salary as an experienced medical biller gets. So, don’t worry if you don’t get the expected salary when you are hired as a medical biller for the first time after the completion of the course.

Experience is a primary condition that most medical billing companies put forth while hiring medical billers. During your first year as a medical biller, make all efforts to get familiar with the job and the different billing terminologies used.

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Medical Billing Companies

Medical Billing

A majority of hospitals and other health care centers have other business firms that help them complete their tasks such as coding, invoicing and collection jobs for them. These business firms are known as medical billing companies that perform the outsourced works of the hospitals and healthcare centers.

Many of the service providers who undertake invoice hosting usually are directly associated with a doctor’s office, health clinic or a hospital itself for efficiently handling the task of filing medical claims, insurance claims etc. They also must be in a position to have frequent and direct communication with the patients. This is done by sending their copies of account statements to them. Given below are detailed descriptions of the activities of medical billing companies.

Medical billing

It is found that most of the times, hospitals and other health care institutions find outsourcing their works as a better option to accomplish their tasks. One of the main reasons is that outsourcing comes with numerous advantages. The main advantage is that they do not have to spend more money by hiring fully-fledged staff to do the work. In this scenario, medical billing companies are any day the best option for them.

Outsourcing will only cost them one third of the money they will have to pay if a full time employed staff is working with them.

Health Care

Medical Coding And Billing Companies

This way, they will be able to make substantial savings. In addition to that, they do not have to find additional premises to accommodate this extra work force. On the other hand, this saved money can be utilized to pay the salary of their existing employees, develop their infrastructure and meet the training expenses of the new recruits.

This is the case with hospitals and other health care facilities. On the other hand, the outsourcing companies always find this as a golden job opportunity. Due to the huge demand of outsourcing works, they are never in shortage of job or money. This is why medical billing jobs are found to be a lucrative career option for many people. The only thing that matters is that they should be well versed in all their tasks. It is because medical billing jobs come with a huge responsibility.

Therefore, you can see that outsourcing is mutually beneficial for both the mainstream health care centers and the medical coding and billing companies.

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When evaluating medical billing services, it‘«÷s important to know that there are several types of medical billing resources that have developed due to the increasing complexity and importance of medical billing. It‘«÷s even more important to select the right type of medical billing service for your practice.

These types include:

  • ‘«£Kitchen table‘«ō billers
  • Medium-sized firms
  • National firms, some of which offer billing as a sideline to their medical billing software business
  • National firms with local offices

Let‘«÷s review some of the strengths and weaknesses of each option to see which could be the right choice for your practice:

‘«£Kitchen table‘«ō billers are the solo billers who have worked in a medical office and then decide to start their own company. Many larger companies started this way, and many of these billers are extremely capable. The issues to consider with these small companies include:

Capacity‘«Ųwill they be able to effectively handle your billing as your practice grows, or as they add additional clients?

Key man dependence‘«Ųwhat happens to your billing (and your revenue) if something happens to your solo biller? Is there any back-up?

Personal service‘«Ųsolo billers often provide excellent customer service, to the extent of their knowledge and capabilities

Reporting‘«Ųwill your solo biller have the knowledge and expertise to provide the types of reports you need to manage your practice revenue?

Specialty knowledge‘«Ųif a solo biller started billing in one specialty, he/she may not have the knowledge to handle other specialties.

Technology‘«Ųwill your solo biller be able to provide the best medical billing software available, and have the skills to maximize its value for your practice?

Medium-sized firms are those medical billing services that have grown beyond the ‘«£kitchen table‘«ō size and are now handling multiple clients. The companies have generally hired some additional employees and invested in some technology. The issues to consider with these organizations include:

Growing pains‘«Ųas an organization grows, there may be growing pains that can affect your results and their customer service. Ask about strategic planning, financial resources, staffing plans, etc., to insure that the organization will be able to support your practice through their growth‘«Ųand yours.

Key man dependence‘«Ųeven though the organization may have grown, you want to make sure that the infrastructure is in place to assure continuity if something happens to the founder/key manager.

Specialty knowledge‘«Ųonce again, if a biller started in one specialty, he/she may not have the knowledge to handle other specialties. However, the pressure to maintain growth may compel him/her to take on specialties the organization is not prepared to handle.

Customer service‘«ŲOften these companies provide excellent customer service, especially to those practices they‘«÷ve served since the beginning. However, if the billing company is challenged to keep up with its own growth, customer service may suffer. A key question: Will you have a dedicated Account Manager?

Technology‘«Ųask detailed questions about the technology used by the organization. Be sure they‘«÷re using the latest software and that they keep it up to date.

National firms are the large organizations that serve practices nationwide, often from one central office. Examples of these include both stand-alone medical billing companies and software companies that offer medical billing as a sideline. Some considerations for these options include:

Customer service‘«Ųwill you receive the customer service that you deserve? It‘«÷s sad but true that when a company reaches a certain size, customer service often suffers. Ask if you will have a dedicated Account Manager, and what services they will offer your practice.

Follow-up‘«Ųit was reported at the 2011 American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) meeting that at least one large organization was offering a low percentage rate to handle billing, but neglected to mention that this didn‘«÷t include any follow-up. Understand what services you will receive and how aggressively the organization will pursue your reimbursement.

Technology‘«Ųwill you have options in terms of the software used? If your biller also sells software, this is unlikely. Make sure you‘«÷re getting technology that serves your purposes and not just the biller‘«÷s.

National firms with local offices‘«Ųa new model has emerged to offer both the resources of a large organization and the customer service provided by a smaller one. This includes medical billing companies that have joined together as a network to offer nationwide coverage with local offices.

These offices are run by key decisionmakers who have been in the field for years, and understand the issues. At the same time, they can draw on the resources of other companies in the network to insure timely filing, thorough follow-up and back-up in case of natural disasters. Areas to consider with these groups include:

Customer service‘«Ųthese types of groups should provide a high level of customer service. You should be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who understands your specialty and is able to work with you on improving your practice profitability.

Technology‘«Ųagain, ask if you will have options in terms of the software used. A national firm should offer you a well-researched, trusted software solution and training.

Specialty knowledge‘«Ųa national firm offers a broad range of specialty knowledge because of the variety of practices they handle. And one benefit of a national firm with local offices is that they can share expertise across their multiple offices, giving you the specialty knowledge of hundreds of billers and managers.

Reporting‘«Ųthis type of national firm should offer good, indepth reporting for your practice, not just on your monthly billing, but on trends for your KPIs. Be sure to ask to see samples of the reports provided.

Overall, remember that not all medical billing services are created equal. And even if your service was right for you when you chose it, your practice may have outgrown its capabilities.

What‘«÷s your alternative?

How can you bring additional revenue to your practice bottom line? With, a national firm with local offices, where we provide:

‘«ů Immediate processing of encounter data and submission of insurance claims (typically within 24 hours);

‘«ů A proven, systematic approach to accounts receivable management that ensures all necessary billing, payment and follow-up activities are performed in a timely manner throughout each claim’s life cycle.

‘«ů The best customer service in the industry, with Client Managers and Billing Supervisors specifically assigned to each client who are responsible for daily client communications and issues resolution.

‘«ů And much more.

Let the experts handle it‘«Ųcontact today to learn how we can speed up your payment process and improve your bottom line. Call us now at 800-966-9270, or email for a free practice revenue assessment.

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As you set up a new medical practice, there are literally hundreds of decisions to make: location, staffing, insurance, credentialing and much more. But none of these are more important than your decision on how to handle your medical billing.

Obviously, billing is how your practice receives revenue and so it is the lifeblood of your practice. There are multiple obstacles to avoid, including:

  1. Slow or stopped cash flow
  2. Excessive staffing costs due to lack of expertise
  3. Unnecessary work from coding errors and ineffective appeals
  4. Embezzlement
  5. And others

In years past, most practices handled their medical billing inhouse. However, this presents challenges in staffing, training, and medical billing software selection and expense.

Staffing is a particular challenge, because it‘«÷s no longer good enough to hire a nice, friendly person to staff your front desk and expect him/her to also handle your medical billing.


Because medical billing‘«Ųand patient collections‘«Ųare more complicated than they used to be. According to the AMA‘«÷s National Health Insurer Report Card, claim denials increased by 5% from 2011 to 2012. That means that your inhouse staff must be even more expert in the use of the right codes and modifiers, appeals and follow up. You can hire a certified coder who has the designation of ‘«£CPC‘«ō or ‘«£Certified Professional Coder‘«ō, and there are also certified billers with the designation of ‘«£CMRS‘«ō or ‘«£Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist.‘«ō Either means a more expensive salary than you may have been counting on.

And you still can‘«÷t be absolutely positive that they will be able to handle the denials, appeals and, if worse comes to worst, a CMS audit.

Even more challenging is the looming transition from ICD-9 coding to ICD-10. This means a significant step up from about 14,000 codes to approximately 68,000 codes, with greater specificity and an understanding of anatomy that your average front office staff member just doesn‘«÷t have.

That‘«÷s why, as billing has become more complicated and more expertise required, many practices have turned to a medical billing service.

Just as many physicians specialize, these are businesses that specialize in what‘«÷s known as ‘«£revenue cycle management.‘«ō

Medical billing services come in a couple of shapes and sizes:

  1. Freelance billers working from home‘«Ųthese people have varying levels of training, and have usually worked in a doctor‘«÷s office or maybe two before deciding to go out on their own. Generally this is a solo person with no back up to handle the owner‘«÷s absences or an increase in workload. A frequent danger is that the biller may take a fulltime job or get tired of the business, and you‘«÷re left with no biller and, sometimes, no notice.
  2. ‘«£Mom and Pop shops‘«ō‘«Ųthis is a step up from a freelance biller, where often a wife has started the medical billing business, it grows to a certain level, and a husband or other family member steps in to help with office tasks or overflow billing. These are hardworking folks, but again, the backup may be weak or nonexistent and training can vary greatly. These businesses are also known to sometimes close up shop without notice.
  3. Nationwide medical billing services‘«Ųthese are medical billing services that usually have more than one office and a team of fulltime employees. The team includes trained coders, billers and account managers who can back each other up and provide consistent customer service. Because there are multiple offices, your practice is also covered in case of natural disasters that may close an office in one location. Also, a nationwide medical billing service is familiar with a wide range of medical billing software packages and can provide you with a choice, as well as an EMR in many cases.

As you can see, a nationwide medical billing service offers many advantages that other medical billing options cannot. And in addition, because it‘«÷s a very competitive field, a nationwide medical billing service often offers pricing that is not much different from the other options‘«Ųwhile including options such as backup, software and follow up that you may not get otherwise.

When you open your medical practice, be sure to consider all the options for medical billing and, as the saying goes, don‘«÷t be pennywise and pound foolish. Make sure you choose the medical billing option that will serve your practice best in the long run.

Let the experts handle it‘«Ųcontact today and learn how they can recover reimbursements that others call ‘«£uncollectible.‘«ō

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With the passage of the health care reform now being a reality, the question is how this will affect medical billing services moving forward from here. Many experts have discussed the benefits and disadvantages of the bill but may not have directly addressed how it will affect this particular industry. The following article will explore the results the bill will have on the industry as a whole.

Medical billing services are companies which perform medical billing and coding operations for insurance companies that enable them to process payment from doctors, hospitals and individual patients for treatment received. Medical billing companies are very concerned about how the health car reform bill will affect their industry which involves medical billing and coding.

In the beginning it would appear like the need for medical billing services is going to grow as a result of elevated amounts of individuals who will undoubtedly be sending statements to an insurance plan in addition to broadened Medicare health insurance as well as Low income health programs. Certainly, there could possibly be innovative billing techniques called for as insurance policy coverage extends and new guidelines regarding pre-existing ailments become law. Needless to say you will see intensive training necessary for all present-day billing specialists to understand the whole set of new rules.

The health care bill has required all doctors, hospitals, clinics and wellness centers to adhere to electronic medical records (EMR) implementation no later than the year 2015. This can be a very challenging time period for the medical billing industry. The reduction of paper filed claims being replaced with computer software may at first seem like a negative impact to the industry but in fact can be a positive. With this new technology medical billing and coding will be more involved than ever before and these services will not be able to be performed by most doctors. With the proper industry wide streamlined training process this can end up being a very positive event for this industry and make medical billing services very valuable.

A negative effect of the health care reform bill will be the need for many workers to be retrained. This will be a very costly expense and will eventually be passed on to the individual patient in the form of higher doctor costs or higher insurance premiums. This cost will however be a onetime start type of cost and can be off set with the increased demand for medical billing companies moving forward into the future.

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