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Medical Billing And Coding School

You can find several jobs in the medical field and the one that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays is the medical billing and coding sector. However, before choosing this career, you should regard some points to mind so that you will become successful in this field.

Choosing The Right Medical Billing And Coding School

Once you choose this medical accounting career, it is mandatory to learn and understand the kind of work you will have to deal with. Medical billing and coding is actually a profession that works with information about the patients’ health insurance and medical records. Medical accounting staffs assign different codes for the patient’s treatment, and if the patient is insured, they help with the payments from the insurance company.

Every clinic, hospital, and doctor’s office needs to have efficient medical billing and coding specialists, so that they can process the details fast and accurately. They should be versatile in examining and reading codes, hospital invoices, and other data related to the case. In addition, the medical billing staff will deal with insurance companies efficiently, thereby making sure that the claims and related payments are done in a timely manner.

However, the job description of a medical coder is entirely different from that of medical billers. First of all, they do not give any attention to the matters regarding insurance procedures, as since job is to make sure that medical codes are evaluated properly and that the data is appropriate.

Medical Billing And Coding School

If you want to become an efficient medical biller or a coder, then you will have to study well and undergo thorough training to learn how to track records of every patient. Moreover, to avoid any hassles in grasping the meaning of every billing process and medical codes, it is necessary to learn the medical technologies as well.

Good medical billing and coding schools provide training on all these things. Once you complete the training, you will get a certificate within 12 months of course completion. Yet before enrolling for any certification program, it is necessary to check for schools that have proper accreditation in the medical coding and billing sector. Completing your training in medical coding and billing will help you to get a legitimate certificate, which will further help in getting employment in reputed hospitals and medical centers.

So if you are good with numbers and codes, this medical accounting field is a good option to draft your career. Good luck!

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Now that the deadline for ICD-10 implementation has been announced, you can be sure that ICD-10 qualified, trained medical billers and coders will be in high demand.

Will your practice be able to hire and/or retain the quality coders and billers that your practice will need to avoid revenue delays and even stoppages under ICD-10?

The days of hiring a nice person for the front desk and training them on a few billing processes are long gone; ICD-10 involves FIVE TIMES as many codes as our current ICD-9, and requires an understanding of anatomy that your average receptionist just does not possess.

So, what do you do?

There are steps you can take now to address this issue:

  1. Develop a training plan: There is no shortage of ICD-10 training courses and books, and investigating them is a good idea. But keep in mind that the closer we get to the October 1, 2014 deadline, the less availability there will be: classes will fill up, and books will sell out. Don‘«÷t wait till the last minute, or you are very likely to be out of luck.
  1. Implement and evaluate your training plan: Begin training of your internal trainers, then have them begin training other staff. Evaluate the results: test your staff, and reward performance. It‘«÷s important to keep this a positive experience, as that will not only keep morale from plummeting, but it will also encourage your staff to learn in a timely fashion. Contests are a good idea, and will help everyone learn the new structure.
  1. Raise your hiring requirements: It‘«÷s not a bad idea to require ICD-10 training of all new hires from now on or from a set date‘«Ųthis would certainly give you a jumpstart on your training, and they can help train other staff members. The challenge will be finding and retaining these people‘«Ųexperts are predicting a shortage of qualified staff once ICD-10 hits.
  1. Consider outside help: If all of this training, testing and retraining sounds like a major headache to you, you are not alone. That‘«÷s why many practices are turning to medical billing services in order to insure that they will be ready for ICD-10.

Think about it: Doesn‘«÷t it make sense that a group that specializes in medical billing is going to be better prepared for a more complicated coding system like ICD-10 than your average medical practice employee?

That‘«÷s why you refer to specialists when you need to, isn‘«÷t it? You can‘«÷t be an expert in neurosurgery if you‘«÷ve trained for primary care; brain surgery is not your specialty.

Of course, that‘«÷s where the classic line, ‘«£It‘«÷s not brain surgery‘«ō applies‘«ŲICD-10 is certainly not brain surgery. But it is definitely more complicated than what your staff has been accustomed to, and if you‘«÷re honest with yourself, you have to admit that some of them may not be up to the challenge.

That‘«÷s why specialists exist. And in this case, the specialists are, a nationwide medical billing service with local service. is ready to provide expert medical billing services for your practice; With over 50 years of combined management experience and multiple locations around the US, we provide expertise that your inhouse billing staff or ‘«£Mom-and-Pop‘«ō billing company cannot.

Refer your medical billing to the specialists today to get a team that is:

  1. Successfully collecting the last 20-30% of charges that typically do not get paid on first submission
  2. Offering a free EMR and the latest medical billing technology
  3. Nationwide with local service

Plus, at we are so good at what we do ‘«Ų providing expert billing services to the medical profession ‘«Ų that we put our money where our mouth is:

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