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Medical Billing And Coding

Learn About Medical Billing And Coding

Even though medical billing and coding becomes part of a discussion quite simultaneously, both differ in the functions that they render. One of the major similarities is that both are part of the medical field. Let us check out the major differences between medical billing and coding.


  • Medical billers are in fact professionals who help to settle insurance claims. They are the ones who lodge complaints to the insurance companies, patients, medicare centers etc. on behalf of the clients. They depend on computers and electronic devices for performing their job. Medical coding specialists have the responsibility of translating and consolidating all the documents in order. They will prepare the record for medical procedures conducted for a patient.
  • Medical billers perform the tasks much cautiously and their tasks are detail oriented. They ensure that the amount of claims is accurate and the claims sent to the insurance companies are correct. A minor mistake from the medical biller could cause severe loss either to the insurance companies or to the patients waiting for claims. Hence a medical biller’s job is of high priority.
  • A medical coding specialist on the other hand would work along with doctors and nurses as they would have to know more about the medical procedure in detail. Their job is to translate the medical process and this requires more interaction. Only if the medical coding specialist renders his work correctly, the billing process can take place accurately. So both jobs are connected.

    Electronic Devices

    Difference Between Medical Billing And Coding

  • Medical billers prepare high quality records for the patients and thus they help doctors to ensure that reimbursement is offered for the appropriate coverage. A medical coder should have good communicational as well as analytical skills. If they are excellent with typing speed, it can definitely help their business. They should have skills in calculations and mathematics.
  • A medical biller will have to know more about different types of insurances that are prevailing. They should also be aware of the policies initiated by the Insurance companies as per the law.
  • A medical biller will ensure that the coding is done without any mistakes and this ensures error free insurance claiming.

A medical biller has a high demand in US and the career opportunities grow at an annual rate of 5%. A medical coder on the other hand has to specialize in his field in order to excel and they too enjoy high privileges and opportunities.

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