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Medical billing and coding schools

?Š ?Š ?Š medical billing courses

The general choice of professions such as doctor, engineer, scientists etc are all great. However, those are not the only professions available. For instance, look at the medical industry and you will not only find doctors there but also many other people, who hold different positions such as nurses, medical representatives, counsellors, chemists, warden, surgeons, medical billers, medical coders and many more.

Posts like medical biller or coder are highly rewarding but still many tend to disregard them because of their ignorance about this field. According to some surveys conducted in US, the medical billing and coding jobs have started to attract more attention lately. If you are looking for a career as a medical biller or medical coder, there are many reputed medical billing and coding schools out there that would help you realise your dream.


Most hospitals and pharmacies require medical billers and coders. The basic qualification they expect from a candidate seeking the post is a certification from a reputed institution. Fortunately, most of the certification courses on medical billing and coding are short term ones.

About choosing the right institution

Certification from a reputed institution is always a plus point. Before enrolling your name for a medical billing and coding course, you need to enquire about the institute‘«÷ reputation as well as accreditation. If you are a US citizen and pursing the course in your home country, make sure that your institution is accredited by AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association).

Associate Degree programs on medical billing

?Š ?Š ?Š ?Š medical billing schools

As per the latest statistics, AHIMA has accredited 35 programs in the country. The institutions are located in South Carolina, Oklahoma, Maryland, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, Washington, Arizona, California, Minnesota, North Dakota, Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota and Nevada. A few of these states have more than one program.

If you do not find any medical billing and coding schools in your hometown, why not try some online courses? There are a few AHIMA accredited online programs on Medical billing and coding.

In addition to the short-term programs, there are also the Bachelor Degree and Associate Degree programs on medical billing and coding. Do some online research on these programs and also consider the financial resources at your disposal before choosing the best program for your career. Hope you found the information provided in this article regarding the billing and coding careers useful.

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