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The security of ones personal information is always top priority especially medical billing information. Medical records have long been coveted and protected by many laws and bi-laws. When entering a medical facility you should expect you‘«÷re billing information to have the same privacy and exclusions as your medical records.

Most all facilities have specific medical billing software integrated in their computer systems that handle all incoming and outgoing information. Some separate the billing aspect from the medical files and vise versa. A key feature to this software is who can access it. Most often an employee will have a log in and can only access the files needed to do their day to day functions. If that employee came across an exception they would then have to speak with their supervisor or chain of command to access any files above and beyond their normal daily functions.

The data stored in such software has to have defining cross reference cues. Little explanation is needed to explain that there could be and in fact is more than one Bob Smith in the software at any given time. That patient will be given other identifying markers such as social security number, patient id number, address, phone number, and so on. This would insure that the correct Bob Smith is being billed for the procedures that he had done. All activity on your account would be recorded and processed so the facility could see what status your account is in.

This protects your information on a daily normal running day. In order to protect your information long term there are certain securities set up to add a payment, bill your account, or store your account if you have not needed any medical treatment. These files are backed up on large mainframe computers that have specific servers and employees that can access such information. It should stand to reason that all files would need to be backed up and protected from data loss or corruption. All log in data and sign in access points are recorded and tracked so the facility can find the person responsible for the data if there was a problem with it.

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