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As you all know, you can only find a single code to report the Unna boot procedures. But if you think that this will solve your billing and coding problems, you are mistaken my friend. In order to treat the varicose leg ulcers, surgeons often perform medicated dressings. This condition occurs as a result of increased venous pressure. On certain instances, lymphatic edema is also managed using the Unna boots along with other strains, sprains and micro fractures. On the other hand, they are used as a protective bandage. The medical billing codes associated with the same are often confusing and put the whole coding team under pressure.

Medical billing codes: right reimbursement and correct codes

You can use the code 29580 to report the Unna boot and associated strapping. Here Unna paste is used to layer and bandage impregnate. The materials used ranges from zinc oxide to gelatin. In short, medication and accurate pressure escorts the healing process. You can perform the multiple treatments once per week. Let‘«÷s see some methods to accurately use the medical billing codes in this regard. If you perform the Unna boot application, you can only report the separate E/M services on the exact day. Unless the patient has a different problem, E/M services should not be reported simply because Unna boots are applied for a chain of visits. An established patient visit is as good example for this. Apart from the medical billing codes, you need to apply certain modifier. The modifier 25 is highly recommended for the above scenario which basically reports separately identifiable E and M services. For the initial assessment, you should report the E/M service code separately from the medical billing codes.

As such, a pre-procedure evaluation is incorporated along with the follow up care. Another method is to bill for the supplies separately. You must note that Medicare have excluded Unna boot dressings from the same category. Additionally, straps, paste and bandages should be separately reported from the medical billing codes. The procedure is also included in the 29580 code. The relative value units are actually 1.23 for the same. In the case of debridements, you can bill them separately. As such, you can refer the CPT for any doubts.

Hope the above article titled ‘«ˇMedical billing codes: coding Unna Boot procedures‘«÷ was simple and easy to understand. Good day folks!


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